Why Should You Turn To Access Controlled Turnstiles?

Turnstiles are one of the most effective but fairy underused systems for access control. Att systems is one such provider of such systems. It is a very simple concept that includes either the access to people in a single direction, for example, if a person wants to leave a parking area or to only allow one person at a time. This can be a very effective way of keeping track of the number of people that enter or exit the area or even to only allow access to those individuals who hold a valid ticket or pass.

These turnstiles can be broadly divided into 3 categories, manual, optical, and video. Mechanical turnstiles are mainly used to prevent entry into a particular area, optical turnstiles are used as a guide to inform security staff and receptionists which individuals have the required access and those who are unauthorized. The only job that a video turnstile does is to record the entry and exit points. Each of these types of turnstiles has their own uses in a buildings security system.

Physical Access Control

The need for better control for access and egress is on the rise, this has made it more important that security measures of a building are constantly upgraded in order to be safe.

Mechanical turnstiles use a type of ratchet mechanism that only allows one-way ingress as the rotation of the turnstile is unidirectional. These can be designed in such a way that they only move when a certain payment is made, such as on a bus or at the subway, or you can gain assess by swiping an electronic access card, this is mainly used in office complexes. A turnstile technology can also be used when you have to keep a track of the number of people passing through the gate. In the case of airports, turnstiles are used to make sure that only those people who have access to the gated area are in that area. The turnstile allows quick and easy exit from the area but does not allow the individuals to entry through that turnstile. This is very convenient at airports as the number of individuals who are present in the airport at a particular time is very high and without these turnstiles, the airport can be at very high risk.

Optical Turnstiles

This is a type of entryway that takes the turnstile concept and merges it with technology. With the help of lights, this type of system can alert the security guard or the receptionist present whether or not that individual has the required credentials to enter the area. The person wishing to enter has to scan their credentials at the beginning of the passageway. The passage then lights up according to whether the person is authorized. If the person has the required authorization then the light will turn green and there will be a pleasant ding that indicates that the person can pass through. On the other hand, if the person is not authorized then the light goes red and there is an annoying buzzing sound to alert the required persons that there is an unauthorized person trying to enter the area.

Video Turnstiles

This is a unique people counting system. It allows a technological approach towards the counting of people who use that area. This type of technology is mainly used in areas that are public such as nightclubs, shopping malls, libraries, banks, retail outlets, galleries, etc. This type of turnstile access control uses the security cameras that are present overhead to keep a track of the number of people that are entering or exiting a particular place. This allows the security staff to monitor a number of people at the same time.