How Your Business will Benefit from Microsoft ERP Solutions

It is sometimes difficult to get the ultimate business solution that will keep you updated on every aspect of the operations in your company. However, Microsoft ERP is a resource planning solution where the features cover every component of a business. All you need is to decide which features are more viable to your business.

Human Resources

Employee management is a critical part of business management. Content employees perform better than those who are unhappy with their work environment. It is important to have a functional human resource system, irrespective of the size of the company.

Undoubtedly smaller businesses with a few employees have an easier time managing human resource than large companies with hundreds of employees.

Tasks such as payroll and hiring will be easier to accomplish when you have a comprehensive ERP solution. You will also track every employees’ performance, irrespective of the numbers. This ensures the company only hires and retains productive workers.  


Large and small enterprises rely heavily on accountants and auditors to explain the financial status of the company. This is done every couple of weeks or months, depending on the company’s policy. However, sometimes, it is crucial for company Directors to be more involved in financial matters, even when they do not have training in accounting.

Microsoft ERP has a user-friendly dashboard that gives you real-time information on the company’s finances. Data is updated automatically. This save time and money, especially if your company has many financial transactions in a day. For example, you can check the status at the beginning and close of business to see how much was made in a day, week or month. Easy access to this data will help you plan better and make prompt decisions.

Supply-chain management

This feature in the Microsoft ERP will save you time, especially if you are inputting data manually. Inventory is critical in every business that handles goods. You need to know which products have a faster return on investment, and which ones take too long to sell.

Which items are occupying space that would have been better utilized by stocking other products? How many items moved from the warehouse, and how many came in? You need to know if the vendors delivered the items as ordered or if some things were missing.

This is a lot of information that will require a bigger workforce, especially if you have plenty of movement in and out of your warehouse. The Microsoft ERP system automatically updates the stock as soon as a sale is made. You will also quickly identify goods that need to be sold at a discount if the number of customers is still too small for the quantity of products you have.


Manufacturers face a difficult time because of changing trends. As a manufacturer, you need a frequent update of consumer behavior towards specific products. Otherwise, you may end up with products you cannot sell.

This app in the Microsoft ERP solution boosts communication between manufacturers and clients, automates the different processes, resource management, and avails real-time data. This way, the management can tell if production is as it should be or if it has slowed down. It is easier to find solution to some of the challenges manufacturers face when factual data is available at all times.