How Your Business will Benefit from Microsoft ERP Solutions

It is sometimes difficult to get the ultimate business solution that will keep you updated on every aspect of the operations in your company. However, Microsoft ERP is a resource planning solution where the features cover every component of a business. All you need is to decide which features are more viable to your business.

Human Resources

Employee management is a critical part of business management. Content employees perform better than those who are unhappy with their work environment. It is important to have a functional human resource system, irrespective of the size of the company.

Undoubtedly smaller businesses with a few employees have an easier time managing human resource than large companies with hundreds of employees.

Tasks such as payroll and hiring will be easier to accomplish when you have a comprehensive ERP solution. You will also track every employees’ performance, irrespective of the numbers. This ensures the company only hires and retains productive workers.  


Large and small enterprises rely heavily on accountants and auditors to explain the financial status of the company. This is done every couple of weeks or months, depending on the company’s policy. However, sometimes, it is crucial for company Directors to be more involved in financial matters, even when they do not have training in accounting.

Microsoft ERP has a user-friendly dashboard that gives you real-time information on the company’s finances. Data is updated automatically. This save time and money, especially if your company has many financial transactions in a day. For example, you can check the status at the beginning and close of business to see how much was made in a day, week or month. Easy access to this data will help you plan better and make prompt decisions.

Supply-chain management

This feature in the Microsoft ERP will save you time, especially if you are inputting data manually. Inventory is critical in every business that handles goods. You need to know which products have a faster return on investment, and which ones take too long to sell.

Which items are occupying space that would have been better utilized by stocking other products? How many items moved from the warehouse, and how many came in? You need to know if the vendors delivered the items as ordered or if some things were missing.

This is a lot of information that will require a bigger workforce, especially if you have plenty of movement in and out of your warehouse. The Microsoft ERP system automatically updates the stock as soon as a sale is made. You will also quickly identify goods that need to be sold at a discount if the number of customers is still too small for the quantity of products you have.


Manufacturers face a difficult time because of changing trends. As a manufacturer, you need a frequent update of consumer behavior towards specific products. Otherwise, you may end up with products you cannot sell.

This app in the Microsoft ERP solution boosts communication between manufacturers and clients, automates the different processes, resource management, and avails real-time data. This way, the management can tell if production is as it should be or if it has slowed down. It is easier to find solution to some of the challenges manufacturers face when factual data is available at all times.

An Overview of Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics is one of the most popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) app solutions. Microsoft has several ERP solutions. Before making your choice, it is best to understand what each solution represents so that you can make the right choice for your company.

Dynamics GP

The first version of Dynamics GP was an accounting system, released in 1993. It was, at the time, developed by Green Plains Software. Microsoft acquired it in late 2000 and integrated it into their ERP solution.

This ERP solution is great for SMEs. It is great for budget management, advanced business consolidation, and financial reporting. Dynamics GP can be integrated with other systems, especially for companies wary about leaving a system that is working for them. Some systems cannot accommodate growing companies. Dynamics GP’s scalability properties make it ideal for growing companies. Unfortunately, Dynamics GP has a weak multi-currency functionality.

Dynamics SL

This is one of the first resource planning solutions developed by Microsoft. It was designed for SMEs that deal with different projects. This app gives companies that manage projects an easier time during handling and accounting. Companies in construction or those in media can keep track expenses, output, and the overall budget.

It is sometimes difficult to get optimum output from field service projects. However, with close monitoring, the features in this project oriented app make project management more efficient and productive. Some of the departments that benefit from the functionalities of Dynamics SL include manufacturing, supply chain management, e-commerce, analytics, field service, and finance.

Dynamics C5/ Navision

Damgaard Data developed this software in 1995. In 2001, it merged with Navision. When Microsoft acquired Navision in 2002, the name of this ERP solution was changed to Microsoft Dynamics C5. It is important to note that Dynamics C5 is exclusive to financial and inventory management. It is, therefore, a great choice for small companies looking for a system that only manages finances and inventory.

If you would like a software that handles more than is available on Dynamics C5, you should consider Dynamics NAV. Besides getting more services, Microsoft announced that it would soon halt the support for Dynamics C5. It is therefore best to upgrade or install Dynamics NAV, especially if you factor in the future growth of your business.

Dynamics AX

This ERP solution works best for manufacturing and distribution companies. It is an excellent solution for large organizations since it requires more resources to implement and operate when compared to other Microsoft ERP solutions. Companies that use this software tend to have a dedicated team of IT specialists with expertise in business analysis and ERP. This app is also cost-effective if a company has a significant number of people using the system.

Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics was launched in 2016. This product is a combination of Dynamics AX ERP and Dynamics CRM application. This business tool has an array of features that help companies to manage internal operations of the business and customer relations. This app gives users various options on features to acquire based on the company’s needs. Some of the features include customer insights, marketing, customer service, field service, finance and operations, retail, project service automation, sales, and talent.

How Microsoft Navision Benefits the Accounting Department in Large Corporations

The accounting department is one of the most stretched in any organization, especially those that employ many people. It is the one department where efficiency is paramount. Otherwise, the rest of the organization can easily be crippled if the accounting department is poorly managed. Human error is common in accounting. Therefore it is vital for organizations to have an automated system that reduces the workload, saves time, and improve efficiency. An offered MSC Consulting solution, Microsoft Navision helps with accountability and timely financial reporting.

Reconciliation of bank accounts after each payment application

The Microsoft Navision makes it possible for the accounting department to keep track of payment, both incoming and outgoing, and the bank account balance. This ensures the management knows at any given time the financial status of the company without requesting for bank statements every time.

Manage customer payments before shipping

Customer satisfaction is important in every business. Likewise, the company needs to earn for it to be able to provide the services as expected. Any mix-up in the customer payments and shipping demands may result in either the company making losses through shipment of products that are yet to be paid for or delay in delivery for clients who have made the payments. Microsoft Navision ensures there is a systematic movement of services, from the point the customer places an order, makes the payment, and the product is shipped.

Process transactions between inter-company partners

Some businesses require cooperation with other entities to help facilitate the smooth movement of products and services to consumers. For example, some companies need the support of others in the industry to help it to be more productive. For example, a company that offers online shopping needs to work with a shipping company to help ensure the goods get to the customers as scheduled. Microsoft Navision ensures that the flow of information is open to all partners involved. Payment obligations are also recorded and approved by the partners to avoid future disagreements.

Employee personal expenses and reimbursements

Sometimes employees may be in a situation where they pay out of pocket and expect to be reimbursed. Microsoft Navision maintains a record of such payments with details of what the expenses were and the automatic reimbursement to the employee bank accounts is done. This feature creates confidence in employees to meet the important goals when in the field, knowing they will be reimbursed quickly.

Import the payroll from the provider

In a company where hundreds are employed, both in the office and field, it is important to have the payroll updated and prepared in time. This could take a long time if each employee’s pay were to be done independently. Microsoft Navision saves time and money by integrating the employee details with the company’s accounts to ensure the employees can receive their pay at a predictable time, and more importantly, at the same time.

Easy creation budgets

Budget creation is an important part of accounting. These projections help the company to make plans. The various departments need to work within a budget framework that is practical and manageable based on income. Microsoft Navision is helpful to companies that need a clear picture of the company’s finances and predictions for the future.

Every business is run with the mission of making profits. Failure to keep track of the financial state of the company can be devastating for the company. Microsoft Navision helps to create a visible balance between the company’s expenses and revenue.



Components of the ERP System Used by Most Companies

Enterprise Resource Planning systems have been embraced by many companies, especially those that are progressing to modern management systems. ERP systems can be configured to meet the needs of the various companies. However, there are features that are key to enterprises that use the ERP software.

Manufacture and Distribution

The manufacture and distribution feature helps business owners to look at the supply and demand components of the business. One of the dangers of manufacturing is producing more products that do not sell so well in place of those that are highly profitable. Manufacturers are highly dependent on the reports from the ERP system to guide them on the products that are still in stock and those that are running out. This creates a balance between producing what is needed and the changing trends, based on products that are in high demand, and those whose demand has fallen.

Financial Management

This is one of the core components of ERP software. Every investor starts a business to make a profit. The only way you .will know if your company is productive is by looking at the financial status of the business. Managing your finances manually has loopholes that may be difficult to trace.

By the time you discover you have been losing money, it may be too late for your company to recover. The ERP system gives you a detailed breakdown of your revenue and expenses. You can easily identify the returns from an investment in marketing. You can easily identify a marketing strategy that is not working and the one that is worth greater investment. Integrating the ERP system with your company’s financial system will help you make informed decisions regarding the direction you would like the company to take.

Payroll Features

Errors in salaries are common in companies that have hundreds of employees. The human resource component of the ERP system has the payroll feature for easy access to employee information including payments. This feature ensure underpayment and overpayment are not a problem in the running of the business. This facility also helps in scheduling, especially if you have seasonal employees who do not work the regular shifts. In case there are changes in management, having this system ensures anyone who takes over in the human resources department has all the required information in a single location.

Customer Care and Management

Customer feedback is critical for every business, whether it is positive or negative. This feedback is critical when you are coming up with a marketing strategy for your products. The feedback will help you decide the areas you need to work on if you are to streamline your business to be profitable. The ERP system will help you satisfy your customers’ needs, thus improving your ratings.

Inventory Figures

Stock control is vital for every business that sell goods and services. It is sometimes easy to lose track of the inventory when you are busy, or if you are concentrating on other departments of the company. The computerized software automatically records when an item is ordered, such that it Is deducted from the available stock. This way, there is a comparative analysis between products sold, items still in stock, and the revenue collected.

Before requesting for an ERP system, it is important for you to understand the ways in which it will change the way your company runs.

A Complete Survey on Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been hailed the epitome of the modern-day software tool of the century. There is no denying how it has changed the way that the business process work and interact between themselves. By conjoining the other two mega applications namely ERP and CRM into one super giant software, the possibilities of what Microsoft Dynamics could do were tremendous. Implementation partners such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 MSC Consulting have since helped many businesses achieve efficiency success with the software.

Benefits and Rewards of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

There was a lot of hope and promise of revenue generation by the software. Ever since it’s official release in the April of 2018, the software has been reviewed for its performance with both the uses and downsides coming to light.

Singapore is one of the richest countries in the modern world. It is dependent largely on the way its business sector works and innovates. The lifestyle of the people in the country and the global standing it has, needs to be maintained by the government. In the world of technology, new tools pop up from time to time that better the way processes work. And it is the need of the hour to adopt to newer and better solutions and maintain the already grounded systems. For those companies who lag behind other competitors, one of the reasons could be because they don’t innovate. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is hugely popular in Singapore with its applauded ease of use and low purchase cost.

The software combines two previously independent entities into one, thereby, creating a super application that has speed and accuracy. The user can use it in the form of cloud computing and can access it at any time. It provides with a transparency of workflow that was not possible to see with outdated applications. There is no doubt that the pros of using this software outweigh the cons, but it is important to analyze what they are and how they can be avoided.

Limitations and Cons of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The users complain that the marketing module feature in Microsoft Dynamics is not fully functional and lacks capabilities. Its use from within the CRM application is lacking. The updates in the third-party solutions can crash if the vendor that you’re dealing with is not updating his, with the Microsoft versions. The data import system in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 is not as quirky and responsive. It is usually seen that the imports from using other programs can work better than the ones in Microsoft Dynamics.

The mobile version for the software has very limited use and for the whole application to use portably, one must spend extra to maximize mobility. It requires large customization for initial setting up which is very time consuming. The Outlook feature on the application tends to glitch. There is room for improvement as far as report making is concerned. The application is not very user friendly when it comes to creating new customers. A lot of problems have been faced by users in this regard, specifically qualifying a new one. The user interface could be bettered to adopt the new updated versions of the system.

A Balance: What Does Your Business Need?

These are some of the improvements and suggestions that could be made to the software, from users and customers alike. By and large, Microsoft Dynamics 365 solves more way more problems than it causes. Some improvements just need to be made to better the software and help with the sustainability of it. As a business owner, you need to first know your company well, its processes and future plans, before making the decision on improvements to efficiency and workflow steps. For growth and health of the business, technology can most definitely be an aid.

The Contribution of Warehouse Apps to the Logistical Supply Chain

The value of warehousing cannot be underestimated. This is because warehouses impact every stage of the supply chain. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers all need warehouses for raw materials and finished products. The transport companies require warehouses to serve as a collection point of goods before dispatching them to the right recipients. The profitability of all the companies involved in the supply chain relies significantly on what happens in the warehouse.

The profitability of all businesses in the supply chain depends on systematic warehousing

It is important to note that if storage is not handled efficiently by the manufacturer, the other companies that rely on the manufacturer for income suffer losses. Warehouse apps ensure the smooth running of warehousing for all the businesses involved in the supply chain. For example, if the stock is not monitored accurately, some of these businesses may not know when to reorder for more stock or they may be told the stock is sold out when they need it most.

A warehouse app helps all businesses, from manufacturers to retailers, to keep track of stock levels at all times. Based on their business models, these companies note the best time to restock and when to wait to ensure a significant portion of capital is not tied in stock.

Ensures goods are as they should be, where they should be and at the right time

Businesses in the supply chain depend on the knowledge that those involved understand the importance of timing in the supply chain. When a manufacturer receives orders from the distributor, he needs to have the goods ready on time so that the distributor can also ensure retailers get the amount of stock they require, at the right time when they need them or ordered them.

Warehouse apps help with order consolidation, order assembly, cross-docking and so much more. Any mistakes in these levels will affect the rest of the transactions that take place when the goods leave the warehouse.

Efficient operations for increased profitability

Warehouses act as a buffer for businesses. They maintain a balance between supply and demand for all firms in the supply chain. Having high demand products in stock increases the profitability of those in the supply chain. Warehouse apps help to keep track of these high demand fast-moving goods. It also shows products that remain for longer than people looking to make a profit would like. Warehouse apps also help to keep track of the delivery, shipping and transportation costs. Business owners can organize goods based on delivery points, and consolidate those going in the same direction. All of these helps to cut costs.

Warehouse apps help to keep track of the unit cost of items

One of the reasons many businesses buy items in bulk is due to the savings made. The price of goods, especially raw materials, keeps changing. Warehouse apps help to determine if the business should maintain the asking rate. This is especially important during low seasons when specific products are discounted.



Warehousing is one of the most critical components of logistics and supply chain. Keeping track of inventory is a challenge when it comes to warehousing. However, warehouse apps help to minimize costs and reduce errors in record keeping. Thereby, increasing productivity and increasing revenue in the long run.










Industries in Singapore that Benefit from Stock Take Apps

Any entrepreneur or manager will tell you that one of the challenges they face in business is stock taking. Some businesses even close shop on the day of stock taking to ensure total concentration and effort to taking stock. This process is vital for every business because it is the only way the business owners can verify that every item sold is accounted for in terms of revenue. Instead of spending so much time going over the stock left and checking it against stock sold and income earned, having a stock take app on hand efficiently simplifies this process. Business owners and their staff receive real-time updates on their sales against remaining stock.

Grocery and convenience stores

These businesses are open every day of the week, and sometimes they open till late. Without a stock take app, owners would find it difficult to confirm if the revenue is what was expected from the sales. Sometimes errors are made, and it is difficult to determine if the shortfall in income is because of price, miscalculated stock, or theft. Stores that serve clients all day and always stay open, such as supermarkets and grocery stores, require stock take apps or a stock take software where daily stock take reports are readily available. This way, those tasked with the responsibility of communicating with suppliers can do so promptly to ensure smooth operations and fewer hiccups.

Fashion and department stores

Online shopping is quite popular in Singapore, especially in fashion and departmental stores. Some of these stores see thousands of sales transactions each day. If employees were to keep track of every transaction and stock remaining, the rest of the business operations would suffer. Stock take apps also ensure clients only shop for what is still in stock. The app automatically deducts the sales from the inventory as soon as a client has paid for the item. This saves the company from having to explain to the client why a product that is not in stock was not indicated as sold out. This can be embarrassing and will project a bad image of the company to current and potential customers.

Mass Merchandisers

Some companies deal with thousands of individual products. Taking stock of all items could take weeks, both before and after sales. Stock take apps help to ensure the seamless running of large scale operations where human error is expected. Businesses that deal with bulk sales and purchases also need to monitor the products that are not selling quickly so that they can replace them with others. Besides sales, such businesses are concerned about space constraints and moving their products faster and more efficiently.

Healthcare providers

The healthcare industry, including chemists, is one of the beneficiaries of stock take apps. These facilities need to be updated regularly to ensure patients do not miss life-saving drugs and medical professionals get the tools and equipment they require to execute their duties well. Stock take apps ensure there are updated records of the items used and drugs sold. Those in charge of requesting for more products will plan appropriately when they receive regular updates of sales from the stock take app reports.

There are many different types of stock take apps for businesses of all sizes. The features in these apps will guide you in choosing the app that will work best for your company.

How Technology Influences Consumer Ratings of Organizations

How Technology Influences Consumer Ratings of Organizations

In almost every organization’s website, there is a section of testimonials. Why do some companies have such glowing ratings from their clients while others barely get any positive reviews? Today’s consumer is enlightened about the available systems. Clients are always making comparisons between one service provider and another. Often, they compare how fast they were served and the level of customer service. Most organizations that customers find satisfactory use some form of technology to improve customer experience which leads to satisfaction.

Field Service management is becoming the new buzz word in logistics. If you are keen to look for a vendor, you should consider Orangekloud for your Field Inventory App vendor. They specialize in a wide range of app development and you can be sure of their work quality. Visit their site today:

In this article in, the author discusses what consumers in the digital era expect and how they measure success.

How consumers in the digital era measure success

“Customers expect superior service! If they don’t get it from you, they will go elsewhere. Better, faster, more efficient field service is the key to guaranteeing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Offering an appointment window from 8am-5pm without ETA notifications is a surefire way to ensure customer dissatisfaction.” read more here

When consumers go to an organization, they have a need. The expected that need to be met. They hope for a process that is professional with minimal or no hiccups. It is essential for organizations to understand that consumers are not merely looking for lip service. They want to see the skills and tools of the trade. They want to be 100% certain of delivery of service. This is why it is essential for organizations to equip their field service staff with the necessary skills, insights, and technology to execute tasks satisfactorily.

In this article, FieldAware discusses some of the factors in field service management that will result in customer satisfaction.

What customers look for in field service management

“For organizations wanting to improve the efficiency of their field service operations, investment in technology plays a big part in achieving this. For many companies, choosing and implementing a solution can become complex and potential efficiency gains are being missed, meaning organizations are not seeing the full return from their investment.” read more here

Many consumers are today more inclined to deal with organizations that are concerned about protecting the environment. Once they encounter an organization that is paper-less, they may want to know more about it. This is one of the benefits of including technology is field service management. Customers wish for timely deliveries. For example, if a customer hires a cleaning company, he expects them to arrive as scheduled and finish the work at the stipulated time. Any delays will overshadow the quality of work done.

In this article, Conor Cawley discusses field service software and how businesses benefit from it.

Impact of field service software on performance

“Field service management software makes running a business a lot easier. By consolidating aspects of your business like reporting, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and customer account management tools into a single program, field service management software can completely change the way you conduct your business.” read more here

There is no doubt that field service software makes it easier for a business to keep tabs on its operations. Employees in the field can check in at any given time to give a report. The office is aware of the status of work without being in the field to monitor the progress. Field service software has also eliminated time wastage. Before the introduction of field management software, it was easy for field staff to make unsubstantiated claims, especially when they had no supervisors. Today, it does not matter how far in the field the service crew is, they know their movement is monitored. They have no choice but to work and deliver as expected. This has improved productivity and customer satisfaction.

Any business that is yet to include field service software in its operations is likely to fall behind in work done and progress. The industry is changing fast, and customers expect the organizations they deal with to improve at the same pace. Otherwise, there is likely to be a gap between what the customer expects and what the organization can deliver. For the organizations to remain relevant and grow, field service software is essential. It is a worthwhile investment that will improve various aspects of running the business as well as boost customer relations.

3 Reasons Why it is Important To Have a Great Security System in Place

In today’s day and age when security threats are increasing by the day; a proper security system has now become essential. Only the best security systems can help to deal with the threats looming over our heads.

One example is an Iris Recognition System. For a start, ATT Systems Iris Recognition System provides one of the most comprehensive security options which you can count upon. Visit their site here today.

Here’s why a great security system is mandatory:

1.Increase in global cyber and physical threats

The world that we live in is unfortunately always on attack. Sometimes the attack is physical and sometimes it is virtual. Singapore being a major global financial hub is always on high alert whenever an attack happens elsewhere in the globe. Singapore companies are always at risk of a major cyber attack which could not only affect the businesses in Singapore but have repercussions on companies in other parts of the world as well, who are associated with them. On a much larger scale, it could affect the global economy if the attack is major like the recent global ransomware attack.

2.Increase in local cyber threats

Singapore over the past few years is increasingly seeing more computers getting hacked and data being stolen; which are returned only when a significant sum of money is being paid up. These result in major financial loss for companies.

3.Protection of valuable information

Many companies have all their important documents stored virtually and physically within the company building. These need to be guarded heavily. Systems need to be upgraded constantly to be able to tackle with new viruses that threaten to crash systems.

What you should look for in a good security system

A good security system in Singapore should be able to provide you with the following:

-A good external interface management system which keeps tab and checks on the functioning of systems, equipments, software, data to co-work effectively. This will immediately alert the operators of any abnormal behaviour in anything related to the computer.

-A proper alarm system with the latest technology which can be upgraded frequently to alert the operators of any intrusion by any unauthorised authority.

-Real-time transaction processing so that data gets processed immediately as it’s being entered, which does not give hackers any time to steal information.

– iris recognition system to audit personnel requesting access

While there are many who offer security systems, one that provides latest solutions and an integrated system that takes care of both physical and cyber threat is the option that you should choose for your company.

Is It Important To Install CCTV Camera In An Office?

Safety and security are very important in all walks of life to ensure the overall wellbeing of all individuals. Commercial spaces and offices require a lot of security and must consider integrated security solutions. Although employing security guards serves the purpose of having an element of protection on the floor, that’s not extensive enough to protect the entire premises. This is where CCTV plays a pivotal role in daily functioning of an office.

Find out where to get a CCTV Video Analytics vendor in Singapore here.

Ensuring and establishing an overview through cameras placed at key areas in an office environment forms an integral part of having CCTV security systems. Although the major agenda of installing CCTV cameras is to protect against any sort of criminal activity or theft, it can also play a role in terms of the productivity levels of your employees.

Although the placement of cameras might determine their angles and may affect the images, they act as a deterrent to any criminal as multiple angles might capture the faces and appearances of the individual. Cameras could be placed at the corner or in the middle of the room as per the need and requirement.

Surveillance systems are perceived to be highly expensive and complicated, but they do not have to. Many companies that provide surveillance services send their technicians for training purposes even for residential customers.

It is highly unlikely for a potential theft or any criminal activity to occur in the presence of CCTV cameras without being caught. They are practically impenetrable with multiple cameras displaying multiple angles at a decent proximity. CCTV also provides remote surveillance. It is not humanly possible to man your cameras hence you could track movements at your office even while you are away from it physically. In case your office is in a high crime area, you could protect your office as well as your nearby businesses by providing the footage and the CCTV video analytics in case something were to happen. They are counted as highly reliable sources of evidence in a court.

It also provides a safe and a highly productive environment. Not only does it keep your employees and your goods safe, it also promotes a highly productive and ethical environment. It also prevents and deters employee theft just in case someone decides to steal from the office.

Finally, having a CCTV provides added security and protection for both the employees and customers in the store.

Getting to know about Queue Management Systems and some of its Types

Have you ever tried waiting in line at the grocery store, bank, or other establishments? Have you noticed all the efforts done by the company in order to manage the queues? Well, these are all called queue management systems. A QMS is used to keep a well-organized queue. It keeps customers assured that they get served on time and at a synchronized manner. Having to use this kind of technology lessens the hassle for customers, staff, and management as well. Many businesses suffer because of this due to the increasing waiting time by customers. Large shopping malls have encouraged their vendors to adopt commercial queue solutions that can help increase the conversion of visitors by improving the customer experience and making transactions more seamless.

Now, let us go deeper and get to know more about queue management systems.

Hyun Lee will share to us all the other things we need to know about QMS.


The Definitive Guide to Queue Management Systems

For something as essential to businesses as queue management, there aren’t that many guides on the subject. And, on the first glance, the guides aren’t exactly needed.

After all, how complicated can it be? You get customers standing in line and you manage them, right?

But if you’re looking for ways to engage your visitors, keep your staff in high spirits and build up your business image, the best path to success lies through queue management.

 Does queue management system work? How do you make the most out of your business by simply arranging waiting lines?

This post will give you the lowdown on queue management — from the basics of how it works to actionable tips on how to implement and start using QMS in your business.

Let’s get started. Read more here 


Now that we already know a lot about queue management systems like its types and benefits, it would be better if we discuss two specific ways of managing a queue. It is true that we have a lot, but these two systems can work a lot today, especially that the current generation is more on technology.

In an article found at, a queueing management system using PowerPoint will be discussed.


Waiting Queue Management System in PowerPoint

Our software is often used as queue management software for banks, attractions and waiting rooms. You enter the waiting area of a building and pick your number and then wait until your number is displayed.  With the number that you got from the ticket dispenser, you are guaranteed that the sequence of helping is well organized. In the waiting room, there is a display that displays the current number being helped. You watch carefully that screen till it reaches your number and then it is your turn.

We have 2 solutions for this waiting queue management system.  A simple one is CounterPoint and an option to use multiple counters and multiple service desks is DataPoint.

CounterPoint is intended for a single counter that can be used e.g. at a bakery or butcher.  You can have multiple personnel working, but they work at the same ‘desk’ and serve the next customer from the queue.  When a customer is served, they increment the number with a mouse click and the running slide show (a PowerPoint presentation) will display the new number. Read more here 


PowerPoint will be one of the easiest ways we could manage a queue because it is familiar with many of us. It would just flash information in the screen and we would immediately know if it’s already our turn. However, with the development of technology, more advanced systems were created. One of these is through the use of SMS.

Ish Bandhu, in his article, will share to us how to build an SMS queueing system.


Build an SMS Queueing System Using Azure and Twilio

Before we work on this we need to make sure we have a paid Azure account. Azure free account does not provide some services which we need to run, like Azure message services and also creating a free account on Twilio for sent messages. 

I will discuss the following topics in this article.

  1. Create mobile app.
  2. Create API for sent messages.
  3. Create table for inserting information of sent messages.
  4. Queue messages.
  5. Create web jobs, which will run your method continuously.

Now, I will discuss the above defined points for sending a message with the help of Azure API, Web jobs and Twilio. Read more here 


Wow! That system would be very useful especially to those who really have a tight schedule and are always busy. Because of this queueing system, you wouldn’t have to wait inside the area for your turn, because you could actually go out and do errands. What you only have to wait for is an SMS from the company saying that it is already your turn. It would also be useful for those who are not patient enough to just sit or stand there waiting.

Queue management systems really contributed to the ease and control of long queues. It is an effective communication and information tool for customers. In addition, it is also a good contributor to the success of a good customer service and a help for the staff and management.


Benefits of hiring a security management company and surefire ways to identify a good company

Innovators of today seem to be more imaginative than those of the past. They have to come out with solutions for the unimaginably unique issues that keep cropping up day in and day out, thanks to more creativity displayed by people with nefarious intentions. If we take the field of security, we find that modern innovators are forced to come out with more appropriate systems for controlling access to buildings as well as into lifts and elevators. You may want to get such an access control and security system installed in your workplace also. But before seeking the help of a competent company, you must know the benefits you will derive by having such a system installed.

One company that provides many of such systems is ATT Systems. Most notable is their Queue Management System in hospital, which has managed to reduce waiting time and streamline crowds, which is especially important for prospective patients going to the Emergency Ward. Imagine the chaos if there were no modern system, and just a manual crowd control for a sudden increase in patient numbers. Not only would patients and their loved ones be agitated, but unnecessary delays will affect a patient’s survival chances.

Next, let us look at the benefits of using such a system.

1. By getting an appropriate access control system installed for your business, you can enhance the payroll efficiency of your company because the system will supply data that may be in a compatible format suitable for your payroll package. This means that you can completely eliminate errors that are likely to occur in your payroll department.

2. You can rest assured about the security of your building because the system will allow only the staff authorized to enter it. You should ensure that the lift and elevator operation is also integrated into the system.

3. An effective system that controls access can help in saving costs. For example, you can restrict the use of printers and photocopiers so employees will be able to use the devices only if it is absolutely necessary. Apart from saving costs, this move may help you in your efforts to reduce your energy bills and carbon emissions and protect the environment. You can also be certain that your confidential documents are secure.

4. Thanks to the proliferation of buildings, space available and more particularly for car parking, has become very restricted. You may face this problem in your business also. An appropriately chosen control system will help you in solving this issue by monitoring entry into and exit from the car parking area of your office building.

But how do you go about choosing a competent company that offers an appropriate access control provider of security management system ? The following tips may be useful.

1. When you do your research for choosing a competent company for providing access control or security system for you, you must check the track-records of the companies you have short-listed. You should also find out if the companies will be ready to help you in the process of constant reappraisal because your security needs will certainly keep changing. This means the companies you are considering should be ready to enhance the efficacy of the systems they make available to you so as to suit your changing needs.

2. The systems that are offered by the companies should help in enhancing the efficiency of your business. Apart from getting your business considerable savings in energy usage, administration expenses, and in payroll management, the systems the companies offer should come at reasonable costs also. Of course, there is competition in this field also and hence, the providers you are considering may be ready to negotiate with you and agree to lower their prices.

But you should be careful not to dilute your focus on the quality of the services you need because nefarious minded elements are waiting in wings to exploit even small loopholes in your security systems. They may create grave problems for your business.

This means that though you must give importance to the aspect of cost, you must afford more importance to the quality as well as the efficacy of the system. In other words, if the most appropriate system comes at a slightly higher cost, you must not hesitate to go for it.


Also, as an end-user, you need to be familiar with the system that the vendor trains you to use. Roger Grimes writes:

If our end-user education policies succeeded, we would have defeated hackers and malware by now. And if recent trends are any gauge, end-user awareness is worse than ever. Social engineering Trojans, which trick end-users into running malicious programs, are the biggest threat by far. Most end-users readily give up all privacy to any application or social media portal, and they do it without any thought of the repercussions, which includes greatly increasing their likelihood of becoming a target and succumbing to social engineering.

I strongly fault the people behind most end-user education programs. In their hands, end-user education becomes a forced, unwanted childhood chore. Education is undertaken haphazardly, using spotty curriculum that usually doesn’t contain information relevant to the latest attacks. Let me ask you a question: If the No. 1 way end-users get tricked into running Trojans is through fake antivirus prompts, does your company tell your employees what their real antivirus program looks like? If not, why?

That type of disconnect puts IT systems in jeopardy. On average, it takes two years for the latest threats to show up in end-user education programs and only a minute for the bad guys to switch themes, putting us behind another two years.” Read more here.

On the other hand, if the vendor has trained your staff to use the system well, it is no excuse if your staff is not adept at handling it. When the system is operated on a daily basis, this should not be an issue. If need be, you can hire an IT support staff to help manage this aspect of your business.

Next, we find out how in the US, smart systems have even allowed an immediate lockdown in the event of gunmen attacking hospitals. CS Staff writes:

“Perhaps one of the most significant changes taking place at Rush University Medical Center is the recent introduction of a lockdown feature to provide greater security in emergency situations, such as if a gunman is reported near the hospital. Previously, hospital security officers had to manually lock down each perimeter door. Now, the new system offers a single emergency button and, with one push, security personnel can lock many doors at one time.

“They’ve taken it a step beyond what we’ve normally seen,” says Skwirblies about the lockdown mode. “By hitting a button to lock perimeter doors, they can catch the individual and provide greater security at the facility. We’re seeing more of that response by hospitals to these types of situations.” Read more here.


In conclusion, modern systems are a good thing to have, but one must be discerning in the quality of the system, the thoroughness of the setup, and the longevity of the system. On the user’s part, there also needs to be good know-how of using the system.

Only when all these factors come together, then the system will be able to value-add to your business. Its effect will be more than just an addition, it will be a multiplier effect in all your operations that will help your company in the years ahead.